newmarket Aikikai

Newmarket Aikikai is an Aikido group dedicated to training in traditional Aikikai Aikido. We believe that the essence of Aikido is the forging of mind and body through training in the traditional martial techniques, refined and handed down to us by the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba (O'Sensei). He created a system of self defense that seeks to make its practitioners find harmony and a sense of discipline and peace through rigorous training. This training seeks not to injure the opponent but to subdue him. This is done with use of joint locking techniques and projections or "throws". It emphasizes circular movement and blending with the force coming toward the practitioner with an attitude of non-confrontation.

We teach a Youth class, Ages 6-13

Parents - remember you can claim up to $500 of your
child's membership fee on your taxes through the
Canadian Children's Fitness Tax Credit

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Youths Testing October 2012

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Typical Adults Class at newmarket Aikikai

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